We are Starlite Digital,
20m+ monthly impressions


Engaging and
influencing consumers

Delivering exposure
and building awareness


Providing a proven
sales uplift and ROI

Our state-of-the-art dynamic digital network builds awareness and acts as a final reminder to consumers before they make a purchase.


Market Leaders

Our sister company, Starlite Media, has built close relationships with supermarket chains and REIT groups across the country through advertising partnerships and by delivering operational excellence.


Digital Transformation

By already having a presence in 17 of the top 35 DMA's, we are undergoing a phased rollout of our digital network. Our digital footprint will be significant.


Phase One: New York

With over 20+ million verified impressions each month, our NY channel has considerable reach. Through our audience analytics platform, we can measure campaign performance using anonymous audience data, such as average dwell time, attention time, gender, and mood.


A Truly Dynamic Medium

Our platform allows for the serving of true dynamic campaigns. We can use data to serve and populate creative which allows for greater relevancy and context. In real-time, we can respond or proactively trigger creative based on rules and conditions.

Our NY audience reach

Our network gives brands a unique reach across the NY market by reaching a high percentage of heads of households at least once a month. This is an unduplicated reach.


Percentage of households reached each month

1.6 million

Unduplicated heads of households reached each month

Our 2020 NY reach will be even bigger

We will continue to increase the digital footprint of our NY channel, while also rolling out to other DMA’s throughout 2019 and 2020.

*NY DMA, based on population data from ESRI and transactional data from ShopRite


Percentage of households reached each month

5 million

Unduplicated heads of households reached each month

Proven Sales Up-Lift

We have performed sales uplift tests across all of our formats, and the results have returned a positive lift of between 15% & 146% (Some of our 3rd party research partners include Nielsen, MASI, IRi, Retail Diagnostics).

Smart Data

Through our retail relationships, we can help obtain post-campaign sales data to verify sales uplift.

Build Your Campaign

We’re flexible and we can work with your requirements, no matter how big or how small, we can tailor a plan to suit your needs or budget,

Campaign Support

We are on-hand to provide campaign support and respond to any changes or creative adjustments that you may require.

Digital Laboratory

Our platform allows for creative optimization and dynamic test-and-learn scenarios using data from our audience recognition software.

Real-Time Campaign Analysis

We can provide campaign proof of play and play-out reporting via 3rd party providers, giving full transparency and measurement.


Video Camera

Gateway to anonymous audience analytics, measuring data such as impressions, average attention time, dwell time, age range, gender, and mood

Highspeed Internet

Allowing for real-time content updates and dynamic content

LED Panel

Showcase additional branding or add directional copy for aisle locator

LCD Display

Hi-definition state-of-the-art 75” portrait display with full motion capabilities

Audio Speakers

Audio capabilities using dual stereo speakers

Get ready to maximize your reach

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